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Why it is important

Our society is branded by its historical legacy and its consequences for subsequent generations. Hence, it is of utmost importance to remember wars and conflicts so as to learn from our mistakes. We aim at establishing a social process through which problems and conflicts are going to be dealt with in a peaceful and fair way. It is important to discuss an issue, instead of degrading a potential opponent. The diversity within our community has to be considered as a successful, rich variety and not as a failure of simplemindedness in order to encourage different opinions to peacefully coexist and develop themselves next to each other.


Peace Negotiations without Success in Somalia 0%
Women who have experienced Gender-Based Violence 0%
Terror Related Attacks in 3 Years 0%
of Worldwide Piracy Incidents off the Coast 0%
Source: | Kenya Human Rights Report | |

Our Philosophy

  • To create a network, which spreads awareness of the importance of peace among society.
  • To provide space for people, who wish to educate others about our history and what one can learn from it.
  • To offer a conducive environment for open discussion and possibilities to address issues.
  • To let people participate proactively in programmes and encourage dialogue in our projects to further a more peaceful future.
  • To speak up for the unprivileged in our communities and advocate for their rights.
  • To help people receive equal treatment and application of human and legal rights.
  • To enable people from any backgrounds to be equally treated and valued to sustainably change their lives by peace counselling.
  • To provide people with support and advise, when it comes to their needs.
  • To aim at the highest degree of sustainability by joining global movements to protect and further international peace.
  • To encourage participants to see their voice as a chance to solve fundamental problems in their lives and thus learn to make a proactive change in their lives.
  • To integrate a strong structure and network in our programmes, which makes the advocacy and awareness building become part of participants’ lives.
  • To adapt our projects to the most crucial issues a community needs to address, which we evaluate in close cooperation.