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Why it is important

So as to become a functioning part of a self-reflective social community, a base of common knowledge is indispensable. Consequently, every human being, who seeks education, should have the fundamental right to receive it. To make different characters explore the world and its cultural differences in group and workshop based programmes is our main goal. The potential, interest and curiosity of participants shall not be hindered, but enhanced with regards to different possibilities. Education and knowledge is common property.

Statistics for Kenya

Adult Illiteracy Rate 44%
Gross Enrolment Ratio Secondary 49%
Gross Enrolment Ratio in Primary 97%
Pupil-teacher ratio primary 47%

Our Philosophy

  • To provide a space to learn and work with educators, who conduct interactive lessons, workshops and group discussions.
  • To offer a conducive environment with the necessary materials for the participants to further their education.
  • To give people room for expressing their most important needs in terms of education and address them adequately.
  • To let people participate proactively in courses and encourage dialogue in our projects.
  • To tender a diversity in our areas of education, which will be taught in group based programmes.
  • To encourage participants to bring forward their own topics, which they find to be important on a daily basis.
  • To promote diversity in approaching different fields of education and the interest of a broad community.
  • To enable people from different backgrounds to attain quality education to sustainably change their lives.
  • To aim at the highest degree of sustainability by helping people to help themselves through education.
  • To encourage participants to see education as a chance to solve fundamental problems in their lives and thus learn to make a proactive change in their lives.
  • To integrate a strong structure and network in our programmes, which makes the education become part of participants’ lives.
  • To adapt our projects to the most crucial issues a community needs to address, which we evaluate in close cooperation.