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Donate money so as to ensure an adequate financial basis of our organisation, which will enhance us to carry out our programs successfully!

Why it is important

Having access to nutrition, a shelter, education and health facilities is unfortunately still a privilege in our global society. Billions of people are living in poverty around the globe. 15 % of world’s population lives in slums. We believe that giving back is more of a present than receiving. Our organisation gives you the possibility to help your international neighbours with small contributions making a considerable change. 1 EUR a day finances a Rain Worker, who educates locals in Kenya about family planning, reproductive health, HIV prevention and women empowerment. Just eat at home instead of going to a restaurant next time; donate the savings and MAKE A CHANGE!

Trusted Partners

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Online donation services, such as PayPal charge non-profit organisations 1,9 % and € 0,35 of each donation for their service. If you would like us to get the most of your donation, we recommend bank transfer or cash.

The donation will be used 100 % for MAKE A CHANGE’s non-profit projects in the fields of education, health, human rights and peace. Annual reports will be published on the website.

Yes, you can have an impact on how your donation is going to be used. Just let us know, which particular project you would like to contribute to by stating your preference in the transaction reference or sending us an e-mail.